Leisure travelling

All my professional travel didn’t stop my interest to discover the world: quite the contrary.  During my professional missions there was hardly any time for relaxation, tourism and looking around a little bit. I noticed quite often that although I was in a foreign country, time pressures did not allow me the opportunity to absorb  the particularities of the countries I visited. I had to return to these countries in order to spend more time on my own.

With my family I travelled intensively during summer and  winter in Europe but also to destinations in Africa (Kenya, Senegal, Tunisia, Tanzania, South Africa), Asia (Laos, Nepal, Maldives, Myamar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong) and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Peru,). I also made solo tours to Algeria, Bolivia, Chili, Mauretania, Myamar, Namibia, New Zeeland and even to Antarctica.

By far, the most intensive manner of leisure travelling for me are treks and biking tours as well as walking in the mountains. The speed of travelling is such that ample time is available to truly absorb all the impressions experienced. From all my travels I have noticed that the trekking and biking tours are written in stone in my memory.